Infrastructure mapping

For asset management, contracting and planning – we gather extensive material quickly, accurately and comprehensively.

  • Coordinates for inventoried objects accurate to 10 cm.
  • Georeferenced, 360-degree images of the entire road network
  • Objects measurable to the decimeter
  • Images viewable on mobile device or desktop web interface

We enable smooth asset management, from inventory to implementation. We have produced numerous, extensive inventories of more than 30 municipalities’ road networks, as well as carrying out several government projects. We offer both 360-degree street view images and an inventory of accurate location data, as needed by the customer. If necessary, we can handle the practical implementation, using information gathered from the inventory and from Normi Group’s core business.

Need information about the exact number of traffic signs, their condition, and the cost of renewal? Light pole heights and positions – or any other road property? We provide tailored mapping to meet your exact needs, taking advantage of Normi Group’s robust professional skills in traffic signs, lighting, smart traffic management and contracting.

Infrastructure mapping – information for asset management

Worksite documentation – Project baseline, progress and final data.